Friday, 3 December 2010

Youtube's Top 5 Piano Artistes

Subscribe to me on YouTubeIn my piano journeys around Youtube, in search of inspiration, a performance as a starting reference to a piece I'm learning, or even merely for enjoyment. I come across, some great piano videos. The videos are quality in terms of playing, sound recording, video production and clarity and are active. So I'd like to share them with you below. They are listed in order of video upload views on Youtube. As a youtube pianist myself , I find their videos a source of inspiration and a standard to aspire to.

Valentina Lisitia (Chopin, Rachmaninov and many other composers)
Video Views over 17 Million times! 

Valentina is an Ukrainian Pianist based in the US. Here's one of her early videos performing La Campanella.

Cubus (Mozart, Chopin to French  [Duvernoy] and Russian romantic period [Vladimir Rebikov*])
Video Views: 4.3 million
Video Index:
I found Cubus' youtube channel when I was searching for the keywords "Chopin Playlist" in youtube. He plays well on his digital piano, but just Watch his luminescent hands! What a true piano artist in every sense! Enjoy.

*Who is Rebikov, I wondered....
“Rebikov was already a forgotten figure by the time of his death at age 54. He was bitter and disillusioned, convinced wrongly that composers such as DebussyScriabin, and Stravinsky had made their way into public prominence through stealing his ideas. Ironically Rebikov is best known by way of his insubstantial music in salon genres. Rebikov's role as an important early instigator of twentieth-century techniques deserves to be more widely recognized.” (Uncle Dave Lewis, Allmusic) [Source: Wikipedia]

Anderson & Roe Piano Duo (classical creative reinterpretations) from Star Wars, Piazolla, Saturday Night Fever.
Video Views: Over 3.2 million video views

Bach Scholar
Video Views: 3 million
ragtime, classical, blues (Bach, Scarlatti, Scott Joplin, Czerny, and others). Also has some interesting video tutorials on how to play ragtime. It looks like he's also performed every Scott Joplin piece too!
Youtube Channel:
Video Index:

Tzvi Erez (Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and Bach)
Video Views: 2.5 million
Video Index:
I found Tzvi's Erez version of the Chopin Military Polonaise as a guide for when I was learning it for the Kemble Chopin Competition. Here, however is Tzvi playing a Satie piece.

Josh Wright Piano - Advice on piano technique from memorisation, phrasing, to getting that pearly sound.
Video Index:
Video Views: 7000

Let me know if you find any other quality Youtube Piano Artistes out there!


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