Sunday, 27 November 2011

ABRSM Grade 2 Piano Sight Reading Tips - dotted crotched (quarter) notes!

Grade 2 Piano Sight Reading Tips

Look for recurring difficult rhytmic patterns. The following recurs often and is probably the most tricky.
It is: (A) Dotted Quarter Note - (B) Eighth Note - (C) Quarter Note (USA) OR (A) Dotted Crotchet - (B) Quaver - (C) Crotchet (UK)
Adotted crotchetBquaverCcrotchet

Now you can use rhythmic syllables such as the Kodaly Rhythm method (A) TUM -(B) ti - (C) TA if you find counting this rhythmic sequence difficult.

Rhythmic Exercises
Because the dotted crotchet is worth 3 quavers, and beat two starts on the 3rd quaver,  you count it 1 - 2.
  • Count (A) 1-2, (B) AND, (C) 3
  • Clap the beat.
  • 2nd get used to playing a single note in each hand with that rhythmic. 
  • C-D-C try two notes in that rhythm with each hand 
  • C-D-E or E-F-G three notes in the rhythm in each hand

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