Friday, 6 July 2012

Selection of ABRSM Grade 2 Piano Pieces 2013-2014 Syllabus VIDEOS by Alan Chan

Alan Chan, is a bit of a Youtube phenomenon when it comes to finding ABRSM (Associated Board Royal Schools of Music) Piano pieces. He has at the time of this blog, over 7800 videos. He also has 589 fans on his facebook pageHe must have phenomenal sightreading skills to learn entire syllabi so quickly. On the day that the ABRSM Piano Books came out, he already uploaded videos on the day. 

So here' s a selection of Grade 2 Piano Videos from the 2013-2014 ABRSM Syllabus.

Grade 2 A:1 A1 Purcell Hornpipe from Abdelazer, Z.T683
Grade 2 A:2 A2 Telemann Tres Vite TWV 33:21 Performance
Grade 2 A:3 A3 Attwood Allegro Sonata No.2 in C Performance
Grade 2 A:4 A4 Duncombe Giga Performance

 Grade 2 A:5 A5 Handel Menuett in G Minor HWV 453/4 Performance
Grade 2 B:1 B1 Nicolai Podgornov Bear Dance Performance
Grade 2 B:2 B2 Stanford Lullaby Six Sketches No.5 Performance

Grade 2 B:3 B3 YingHai Xiong Mao The Panda 熊貓 Performance

Grade 2 B:5 B5 Glinka Polka Performance

Grade 2 C:1 C1 Hanna Barbera Curtin Meet the Flintstones Performance

Grade 2 C:2 C2 Seiber Polka from Easy Dances Book 2 Performance

Grade 2 C:4 C4 Julian Anderson "Somewhere "
Grade 2 C:5 C5 David Blackwell Cat's Eyes arr Hall Performance

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