Monday, 31 December 2012

Dave Brubeck - Jazz Piano will never be the same!

Dave Brubeck, LOC 

Piano Sage pays tribute to Jazz great Dave Brubeck, born December 6, 1920 and died December 5, 2012. 
His innovative use of unusual time signatures will keep you on your toes. With the understated appearance of a University Professor, (Buddy Holly Glasses?), Brubeck was a civil rights campaigner, and he graced the cover of Time Magazine in 1954. 

King For a Day - was on the Grade 8 ABRSM Piano Syllabus for 2011-2012

 Blue Rondo a La Turk which is in 9/8 time.

 Take Five - the original - in 5/4 time with Saxophonist Paul Desmond

 Dave Brubeck performing Take the A Train (by Duke Ellington), Brubeck had toured with Duke Ellington!   
I'm in a Dancing Mood

The Duke
 Dave Brubeck performing "40 Days"

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