Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pope Piano - retirement and the piano

What's a Pope to do in retirement? Perhaps the answer: Pope Bennedict XVI is a pianist.
 Mozart is his favourite composer. In the book interview - Salt of the Earth (1997), Pope Beenedict says of Mozart:
 You might say that there Mozart thoroughly penetrated our souls, and his music still touches me very deeply, because it is so luminous and yet at the same time so deep. His music is by no means just entertainment; it contains the whole tragedy of human existence. 
He's also fond of other Germanic composers - the greats: Beethoven and Bach.  Here's video of the pope as a younger Cardinal playing Bach.

Here's the former pope performing Schubert's impromptu. 

To find out more about the former pope read Benedict And Beethoven: The Outgoing Pope's Musical Life and also Pope Benedict XVI, Mozart and the Quest of Beauty

Cardinal Ratzinger playing the piano


  1. As a non-believer with a total dislike for Pope Benedict, I have to say "Who cares?" If he got off my radar screen that would be an improvement for me.

    1. Dear Douglas

      Why did you even post the comment if you don't care?... and to answer your rhetorical question... over a billion people care for what this great man thinks, says or does! Likewise, I am sure, many professionals (myself included) care for his artistic insight and opinions. Next time please keep your comments for the pub. You will less likely cause an offence.

      Kind Regards,

      Count Filip Kormuth

      18th Count of the House of Jackovic-Kormuth


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